New Business Opportunities

  • SEGlider HIGH TECH SME CLUSTER for Design, Manufacture, Parts & Components Supply
  • Business Financing & Insurance
  • New Tourism Packages for Coastal, and interior assessable by SEGlider.
  • SEGlider Flying School, Ground Handling & MRO

Social Impact

  • Faster transportation for New water “Highway” linking marginalised coastal & riverine Communities to established urban centres.
  • New AEROMARINE Industrial Sector
  • Strategic Alliance between Industry, IHL, Research and Training Institution
  • New economic front to be opened up giving ample room of growth and work oppotunuities.

Job Opportunities

  • SEGlider industry manufacturing cluster value chain and supply chain, MRO & lifecycle management
  • SEGlider Operations & Training - Pilots, Cabin Crew & Ground Handling
  • Logistic for Passengers & Cargo in under-served areas.
  • Simulators, Electronics and Software maintenance and developement

IP Development

  • SEGlider Scalable Product Architecture & Technology Platform
  • Fabrication and Process Technology
  • Leveraging and enhancing open-sourced Design Tools.
  • Remote Diagnostics for Lifecycle product management

ASEAN Maritime Program

UN-ESCAP promote Coastal & Inland Waterway Shipping (Short Sea Shipping) for faster, cheaper, and environment friendly transportation using smaller vessels. SEGlider is a NOVEL idea for this purpose. It is faster, cheaper and safer and can operate in areas which are not easily accessible by conventional vessels and requires no new infrastructure.