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SE Strider Sdn Bhd,(SE-Strider) formally known as Shafky Resources is a Design Development Company for instrumentation & control technology hardware, software, product development & commercialisation. It provides open-sourced platform for IOT solutions.

SE-Strider has initiated development of SEGlider, a Fast Costal and Riverine Surface Effect Marine vessel. A scalable product architecture and technology platform for family range of product.

With much support and help from MIGHT, SE-Strider is collaborating with MIGHT, UTM Razak Faculty and also KKTM Masjid Tanah (MARA). UTM Razak Razak faculty will mainly undertake design, engineering and prototyping while fabrication will be done in collaboration with KKTM Masjid Tanah.

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New Business Opportunities

  • SEGlider HIGH TECH SME CLUSTER for Design, Manufacture, Parts & Components Supply
  • Business Financing & Insurance
  • New Tourism Packages for Coastal, and interior assessable by SEGlider.
  • SEGlider Flying School, Ground Handling & MRO

Social Impact

  • Faster transportation for New water “Highway” linking marginalised coastal & riverine Communities to established urban centres.
  • New AEROMARINE Industrial Sector
  • Strategic Alliance between Industry, IHL, Research and Training Institution
  • New economic front to be opened up giving ample room of growth and work oppotunuities.

Job Opportunities

  • SEGlider industry manufacturing cluster value chain and supply chain, MRO & lifecycle management
  • SEGlider Operations & Training - Pilots, Cabin Crew & Ground Handling
  • Logistic for Passengers & Cargo in under-served areas.
  • Simulators, Electronics and Software maintenance and developement

IP Development

  • SEGlider Scalable Product Architecture & Technology Platform
  • Fabrication and Process Technology
  • Leveraging and enhancing open-sourced Design Tools.
  • Remote Diagnostics for Lifecycle product management

ASEAN Maritime Program

UN-ESCAP promote Coastal & Inland Waterway Shipping (Short Sea Shipping) for faster, cheaper, and environment friendly transportation using smaller vessels. SEGlider is a NOVEL idea for this purpose. It is faster, cheaper and safer and can operate in areas which are not easily accessible by conventional vessels and requires no new infrastructure.

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Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,
54100, Kuala Lumpur

Luqman Nur Hakeem Bin Norhisham